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‘Thunderstorm Asthma’ Kills 8 in Australia

The New York Times
Nov. 29, 2016

A hot, gusty northerly wind picked up. Rain clouds had gathered across the skyline, but there was little relief. “It was the hottest day of the season,” said Mr. McGann, 35, who manages accounts at a law practice. “By the time I got home and had a swim, my chest had started to tighten.”

It’s not just about Melbourne: why we need a national approach to ‘thunderstorm asthma’

The Conversation
Nov. 29, 2016

The tragic deaths of at least six people, apparently from thunderstorm asthma, highlights the risk from environmental hazards, even in seemingly safe urban centres in developed nations like Australia.

Prof Ed Newbigin discussing thunderstorm asthma

ABC News via YouTube
Nov. 23, 2016

Prof Ed Newbigin (University of Melbourne) discussing thunderstorm asthma on ABC News 24 - 22 November 2016

Hayfever? This app will let you know when it's safe to go outside!

Nova 100
Nov. 9, 2016

Oh man, doesn't it just feel like your eyes are itchy all the time at the moment?

New pollen alert system helps hayfever sufferers plan ahead

Aug. 31, 2016

Australia’s 2.3 million asthma sufferers could have a tool to help prevent life-threatening attacks caused by pollen with a standardised air pollen monitoring and alert system.

Forerunner studies: ACEAS Australian Aerobiology Working Group

March 9, 2015

A new foundation, which is redressing underinvestment in allergy and immunology research in Australia and New Zealand has announced its first two grants.